It's 2011!


err... I know it's late, but who cares. Anyway it's 2011 now, I can't believe time flew so quick. Nothing much happened in 2010, but for me it was a year filled with tears, loss, joy, love, and I don't regret anything I'm looking forward to see what 2011 holds. I bet most of you has some kind of  "New Year Resolutions" huh? Well I don't do those stuffs anymore. Not that I'm scared of not accomplishing those resolutions but the thing is, I just have too many wants and hopes in 2011. I did make some resolutions in 2009 and 2010 but I obviously forgot about it in the end. So yeah... I guess it's better if I just stop making resolutions haha
Talking about New Year, how was your NYE celebration? Did you have a blast? I did. I had a simple NYE celebration at the top of my sister's house. Her rooftop was just perfect! I could see remarkable fireworks from all over the place because the house is located at the center of the city. My best friends as well as my boyfriend were also there which completes the night. We carnivores had an amazing BBQ party and we also had a few drinks. The rest of the night we just sat and talked while enjoying the breeze up on the roof until 4 AM. A simple but unforgettable night, I must say.
I still have a week of holiday but (I think) I'm gonna use it to do some assignments and study because I'll be having my final exam on the 10th. Ok so once again, happy new year to all of you. This will sound cliché, but I do hope 2011 will be much better than last year. Enjoy this year, have fun, live your life to the fullest because (people say) 2012 is doomsday. Ha! 

ciao xx

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